Beauty Therapy Treatments in Dulwich, London

July 9, 2016

London has a great selection of spas, and therefore there are plenty of places to unwind and relax after a busy day, month or week.

Dulwich for example, we have the best spas in London. The complex provides a superb retreat, which provides the perfect location to relax, unwind and begin the journey towards total wellbeing. On offer are a wide range of therapies and spa rituals, which include a range of holistic and therapeutic treatments; anti-ageing treatments; make-up consultation; male grooming; personal trainer and even full lifestyle assessments.

Beauty therapy includes various treatments that are related to the skin. In this, the therapists use various machines and cosmetics in order to make you more beautiful. It involves treatments of skin of various parts of the skin in order to give you a glowing skin. This treatment helps a lot in improving the confidence level of the self by providing fairer and attractive skin.

It is the desire of every woman to look great. So, beauty therapy plays a crucial role in offering flawless skin. The treatment offered in this helps a lot in removing the aging signs. The beauty therapists use advanced techniques like the airbrush method in order to remove the aging signs. In this, the pressurized air is used to remove the dead cells as well as injured cells from the skin. This method is applied at the face to offer you a younger skin.

In order to remove the signs of sun rays, dust and other environmental factors, facial is a widely used beauty therapy. In this, the mask is applied on the face in order to offer flawless skin. In this, the mineral rich face pack is applied on the skin. This helps in providing full nourishment to the skin. This nourishment helps in making the skin more attractive and impressive.

The upliftment treatment is also the part of the beauty therapy. In this, the proper shape of the skin and orientation is provided in order to offer you a glamorous look. The therapists employ various cosmetics in this in order to give a better orientation.

The beauty therapy is not confined to just the treatment of the face. It includes various other parts of the body. One famous treatment associated with this therapy is Manicure and pedicure. In this, proper treatments of the nails of the legs as well as of the hands is performed. Sometimes, the nails get infected from the fungi. So, using this treatment proper care of this part is achieved.

The permanent hair reduction is another form of beauty therapy. In this, excessive hair from various parts of the body gets removed with the help of the waxing or laser therapy. This is used in order to remove hair from the forearm, underarm, bikini line, legs and various other parts of the body. The laser technique is gaining huge popularity as it is a new age technology. In this, high energy pulses are applied on the skin that contains excessive hair. These pulses help in removing the hair from the skin.

Apart from this, beauty therapy includes various other treatments. These treatments basically deal in providing full care and nourishment to the skin cell. Using these treatments one can easily get glowing skin.

About My Massage Blog

May 8, 2016

My name is Brenda and I’m a massage therapist. As a massage therapist, I ease people of stress they experience due to injuries caused by sports, work or other daily activities. People always ask me questions concerning massage therapy, for example, will massage therapy relieve my back pain and my answer is always a yes.

The health benefits of massage therapy are many but today I’ll only name a few of them.

1. Decreases anxiety and depression: When being touched by humans in a safe, professional and happy environment, studies have proven that people feel more comfortable and are less likely to become anxious or depressed. This means that, while getting a massage a person with anxiety or depression feels more relaxed and happier than they usually do. That’s why massage is recommended by doctors all over the world.

2. Sleep Improvements: A mind that’s not stressed is a mind that’s calm, and a mind that’s calm is a mind that has an easier time falling to sleep. For those who don’t get enough sleep, massage therapy allows you to forget about everything that’s going on around you and focus on your muscle, body, and mind. So, for you new parents this is the solution.

3. Relieves you from muscle pain: You’ve probably had a sore muscle one time or the other and you know how much it hurts. Well, what if I told you that a session of massage therapy could have gotten rid of it in no time! Yes, massage therapy is a proven way of getting rid of any kind of muscle pain and that’s because it increases and improves circulation in the body.

So in conclusion, massage therapy has the ability to significantly decrease anxiety and depression. It can also improve your sleep cycle by allowing you to sleep longer and better. Lastly, massage relieves you from any kind of muscle pain in no time at all!

The Top 3 Massage Tables Review

January 19, 2016

The Massage business has been growing in the past years. Apart from having the skilled massage therapist, massage tables have also become one of the essential tools that provide a satisfying and relaxing massage. There are different types of massage tables in the market and are available for use, and the most common types are sports, portable, electrical, reiki and shiatsu massage tables. These tables are manufactured and sold by companies that produce massage therapy equipment, with that said below are the examples of these tables.

Master Massage 30” galaxy lx

The Master Massage Galaxy table package is one type of a portable massage table as it is light and easy to carry. The message table has a strong arm platform with a stylish armrest shelf inch. Also, this table has a quick set leg that takes only seventy percent of less time to use as compared to other massage tables. Furthermore, this table has classic black upholstery with a northern hardwood having a black lacquer finishing. The table also features a padded surface area and it is luxurious and a comfortable massage bed at the best selling price.



It is portable thus can be taken anywhere there is a client and is perfect for mobile massage near me in Dulwich


The massage bed is light. Thus it is easier to carry


Weight capacity

The massage bed can only accommodate a person of lower weight

Maestro 4 motor electric massage bed

The Maestro 4 is an example of electric or hydraulic massage bed. It is a fantastic massage bed as it is extremely light for it weighs about 205 pounds. The massage bed is cheaper on the wallet too as it enables one to save enough money on the purchase of 3 to 4 beds. The Massage bed has deep cushioning for intensive use.



The massage bed is easily adjustable as remote control controls it.


The massage bed offers massage and heat treatment through vibrations.



Hefty price tag

The Maestro 4 massage bed comes with a hefty price tag.

Siera comfort relaxes massage table

The Siera massage table is another example of a portable massage bed it has a sturdy maple hardwood legs. The massage bed has a high-density foam desk that measures around 2.5 inches and is protected by a high quality upholsters. Also, this massage table has an adjustable face cradle and with arms width extender and a forward swing arm shelf. Finally, the massage table includes a carrying bag with inches measuring about 72 by 33 by 28 width, height, and diameter respectively.



The Maestro 4 massage bed has an industrial strength as it is thickly and comfortably padded,

Setup and padding

The massage table is easier to set up and has padding that is perfect for it is neither hard nor soft.


Massive bodies

The massage table is not suitable for heavier bodies.

In conclusion, today’s massage tables offer a high-quality padding cover than was used in the past, and for one to have a repeated customers in his/her clinic, then they should choose the type, versatility and quality of the massage table very well.